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AKS Farms 

The story began in the most classic of ways: with a little girl and a horse. Alexis Scott fell in love with horses at the age of four, and took her parents with her.

Alexis began taking riding lessons, and was soon making her way into the show arena. Alexis' mount of choice was an Arabian horse, beautiful and kind, and in no time Alexis rode to National Champion wins in the Arabian competition world. 

Over the course of her youth career, Alexis rode to thirteen National Championships, and in 2006 traveled to Parys, South Africa as part of Team USA for the Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup. Alexis and her teammates defended the USA's Gold medal in the Three-Gaited division, and the team rode home with the gold once again.

In 2009 Alexis and her parents founded AKS Farms with the intent to provide the ideal horse experience to others. There was the need for a place to call home, and bring the high level of care, community, and love for the horse that the Scott family grew accustomed to with their own horses.

Today, AKS Farms is Central Iowa's premier equine establishment. Alexis and her partner, Tyler, strive to provide the ideal equine experience for owners and riders. Alexis uses her talents to train and instruct riders to their fullest potential in the saddle, helping riders reach and exceed their goals no matter their skill level.

Alexis spends great time and care crafting training programs to help improve ability and athleticism in her horses, and personalizes the regimen to suit each horse.

Tyler and the AKS staff keep the barn in tip top shape, prioritizing equine care, comfort, and client satisfaction.

AKS Farms is the ideal environment for horse lovers. Owners enjoy peace of mind knowing their babies are in excellent hands. Riders learn the skills they need to be proficient in horsemanship so they may expand to any discipline they choose with confidence. AKS provides community and a supportive environment, where like-minded individuals can come together and feel empowered to reach their goals and chase their dreams.

Contact us today, and let us show you why AKS Farms is the ideal home for horse lovers in Iowa!




The Scott Family  - 1993, "the beginning"

The Scott Family - 2022; Vicki, Dave, Alexis, Tyler, & John

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