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Boarding and Professional Training Service

AKS Farms offers full-service monthly stall boarding. Board includes daily stall cleaning, morning and evening feeding (alfalfa/grass blend hay, Strategy compounded feed), and indoor/outdoor turnout.

  • Monthly Stall Board - $650/mo

Professional training and conditioning services are available at AKS Farms. Services are focused on building skills and teamwork with horse and rider, building the horse's athleticism, and the capability of the rider to maintain the horse, whether on the trail or in the show ring.

Training is available in 3-day or 5-day monthly programs.

  • 3-Day Conditioning training/Show prep - includes conditioning work 3 days per week monthly, and stall board. $825/mo

  • 5-Day Conditioning/Finishing training - includes work 5 days per week monthly, one lesson per week on training horse, and stall board. $900/mo

AKS Farms show program offers horse showing for owners and riders at the local, regional, and national level of the Open Breed and Arabian competition circuit.

The local level is comprised of A level and B level horse shows. B level shows are Open Breed, and offered in and around Iowa and the metro area. These shows offer a chance to get comfortable implementing riding skills in an outside setting. Riders learn to show and get to meet and compete against riders from around Iowa. Horses in the lesson program are offered for lease for B level shows, riders do not have to own their own horse. B level showing allows riders and their families to experience showing and determine if showing and ownership is right for them.

A level shows are typically offered at facilities in Iowa and surrounding states MO, IL, MN, and NE. Participation in A level shows helps riders perfect their skills in the show ring, and qualifies riders for Regional and National level shows.

Regional level shows are typically held during the late spring and summer months. The location depends on the specified region, and are typically held at the same locations as many of our A shows.

The Arabian National Championships are held in July for youth and October for adult riders. Both competitions are held in Oklahoma. Nationals brings riders together from all over the US and Canada (and sometimes elsewhere) to compete.

AKS Farms also competes at the Iowa State Fair in the Cowgirl Queen Contest and English Society Show. Alexis has coached two riders to the crown in the Cowgirl Queen Contest, and showing at the Fair gives riders a chance to really show their skills and horses off to the public.

Joining the AKS show team is a fun way to build community and relationships with other riders both in and out of the barn. Showing centers around dedication, resilience, and motivation. Anyone can show and anyone can win!

For more information on prices and availability, please contact us today!

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